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England May Be Home (1957)

East Anglian Film Archive

Dir Margaret Hodkin; Richard Hodkin; Richard Dellow; Leslie Partridge; Derek Hardwicke; John Turner

United Kingdom

Available from 7pm, 29th November 2020 for 48 hours.

Drama documentary. The film records details of a large community of Italian immigrants, living in Bedford. Employed in the local brick works, the film focuses on the dilemma faced by one of the immigrant workers. Two years into a four year contract, the Italian worker, Gino, learns that his father has died, leaving his wife and son with no family in Italy. Gino is unsure whether to return to Italy or bring over his family. Gino, after asking advice from his friends, decides to leave the workers’ hostel in which he has been living, look for a house and make arrangements for his family to join him. The film concludes with the arrival of his wife and son in Bedford.

England May Be Home (1957): Feature
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