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The Company of Wolves in partnership with Dissected Cinema

 £5, Saturday 2nd March, 7:30pm, George Alcock Centre. 

BBFC: 18

Young Rosaleen dreams that she lives in a forest with her family. When her sister is killed by wolves, she is sent to live with her grandmother while the villagers hunt the forest for the pack.

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Six Inches of Soil in partnership with Flourish

FREE, 6:30pm, Friday 22nd March @ Quakers Meeting House

The film tells the inspiring story of young British farmers standing up against the industrial food system and transforming the way they produce food - to heal the soil, our health and provide for local communities.


Culture Relic Presents: The Spectre of Boko Haram

FREE, 6pm, Saturday 23rd March, John Clare Theatre

BBFC: 18

Have you ever wondered how war looks from a child’s perspective? Cyrielle Raingou captures life for young refugees in this powerful documentary.

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