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Doomsday (1934)

East Anglian Film Archive

With new score by Lewis Hall

Dir Ruth Stuart

United Kingdom

Available from 7pm, 29th November 2020 for 48 hours.

Science fiction film influenced by the style of inter-war European art cinema. Agricultural workers become aware of a strange phenomenon in the sky. People in rural locations discuss their observations. No-one knows what it is. Awareness of the phenomenon spreads; wildfires burn on heaths and panic is reported by newspapers. In the city, newspapers carry stories of earthquakes and changes affecting ‘the planets’. Extreme weather conditions are experienced. The changes are discussed on the streets. The day of final judgement is predicted by some. Uncertain of what is happening people hide indoors. A new day dawns and people venture outside. A large bright object fills the sky, collides with and destroys the earth.

The film produced by Ruth Stuart (also known as Ruth Stuart Rodgers) is heavily influenced by the style of inter-war European art cinemas, making use of startling angles, light and shade and extreme close-ups to convey a mounting sense of unease.

Doomsday (1934): Feature
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